The Schengen Peace Foundation

The Schengen Peace Foundation was initiated in 2005 as a not-for-profit charity approved by his Majesty Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg on Oct 19th, 2007.  The Foundation contributes to the construction of a more peaceful world by promoting peace, tolerance and understanding through multicultural dialogue with the help of discussions, publications, exhibitions and workshops, internet platforms, encounters, exchange and education programs as well as studies about peace.

Her Majesty de Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and MrDominicus Rohde, founder and president of the Schengen Peace Foundation.

Since 2007, the Schengen Peace Foundation holds a yearly event called the World Peace Forum which brings together academics, senior government officials, peace-activists, business executives, journalists, educators, students, religious leaders and other interested citizens. The aim is to promote interest in global issues and develop expertise in the next generation of leaders.

Managing Committee:

Mr. Dominicus Rohde

Secretary General:
Mrs. LiaVillar

Project Director:
Mr. Antoine Sfeir (in charge of the World Peace Forum 2013)

The Forum comprises conferences, dialogue sessions, workshops and other activities led by the by an average of 200 expert speakers from all across the world; all bring valuable contributions to the fields of conflict prevention, peacekeeping, human rights and development. To give these people a medium through which they may share these ideas and ideals, we aim to build an academic journal, to publish and distribute to the international interdisciplinary academic community, as well as intra-governmental institutions of the world and the diplomatic corps.

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